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08 July 2007 @ 12:15 pm
What I Like About Me  
Ten things I like about myself, huh? I’ve done this before. Maureen used it as an exercise a few times. Thought it would help me put some things in perspective. A few times, I gave her just a few words, but she wasn’t accepting of that and gave it back to me and said to try again. “I want you to be honest with yourself, Kitty,” she had said. “You don’t even have to show me if you don’t want to. But I’d like you to write down ten things that you like about yourself. We’re always focusing on things we don’t like about ourselves, or things we can change. People forget that they have a lot of positive things in their lives, too. And, more often than not, they have more positive things than negative things.”

God...I haven’t done this in a very long time. And, I’m afraid to say, when I stop and think about things, I do tend toward the old habit of thinking what it is about me that I can, and can’t, fix.

1. I’m honest with the people who are very important in my life. My circle of friends are of that level of closeness where I don’t feel like I have to have two lives with them. And not being a superhero anymore has helped this a great deal. There’s no double life I’m living. Not really.

2. I have a way with words and giving good advice through my ability to understand where others are coming from. Experience sometimes is a good thing because it breeds understanding. There are situations I’ve never been in, but can give advice about because of the things I have seen; I’m good at equating and relating.

3. I don’t scare easily. Where some people would fail because they’re afraid to go further, I won’t and continue on. Experiences in life and all that once again. The good thing about them? I know I can face practically anything.

4. I’m like a chameleon who can enter any situation, with any person, and be wholly accepted. I know people on all levels of the social class, who come from very different cultural backgrounds, religions, and ideologies, but I get along with all of them. I don’t look out of place with them, even if I might feel a bit out of place. Point two and three play into this, I think.

5. My more eclectic tastes about things. I like how I let my boyfriend paint my toes. I like listening to Broadway musical soundtracks when I clean my apartment. I like throwing parties for my friends where I don’t need an occasion to do it, just a day and a time. I like having sex in the rain. My style of clothing: I don’t go for name brands, but for what looks good and what I will be comfortable in. Everything from casual to business attire is of varying degrees of color. Much, much more than black and white, though I wear those two colours, too.

6. My life in the direction it has gone/is going. I’m twenty-eight and, two years ago, I was facing burn out. I had walked away from a life that had made me become an adult all too quickly, that never let me stop, literally, from running for my life, that made me lose more than one person I loved, often without being able to do anything, where in some of the cases there was something that could have been done. I couldn’t handle it anymore. I had to put a stop to it, try something new. And that hardly worked. Still focusing on what I knew, which, I soon found, was hardly what I wanted. It gave no satisfaction, no fulfillment.

And then, cue in a random meeting at the groundbreaking of a future teen rec center and I’m drawn away from the life I had attempted for myself and into a new life of new people (which some old faces visit periodically), new chances, new opportunities, a real future where I am helping in changing people’s lives for the better. I love the life I have made.

7. My ability to care about others. It really drives my desire to succeed. But it also shows me that I’m not indifferent to things and people as I was once finding myself to be. That burn out, and all.

8. I don’t know the meaning of the word ‘stop’. If I can’t make something work, and it is something that should work, I turn around and devise another way. Sometimes it’s on the spot because there isn’t any real time to think things over. I’m a woman who knows what she wants and that’s a hard thing to put a stop to.

9. My type for a lover. Some people go for pretty, but without substance, I go for the men who, to others, are difficult to understand (and are still physically attractive. Heh.) I like the puzzling, the figuring of things. And I like not knowing everything and having just a little bit of mystery. So, really, for me, it isn’t all about the sex; I need mental stimulation, too.

10. My talents for things that would hardly fit any job description that I would go out for. All of those crazy bits about me, like number 5. I like that, of my favourite musicals, I have them memorized, as well as a number of my favourite movies. I love cooking, but, while good at it, I wouldn’t make a career at it. Having a knack of remembering random bits of television shows, things I read, quirks about people. I can press the best coffee you will ever taste, anywhere. I’m double jointed. My best time for finishing a crossword puzzle in the Times in three minutes and forty seconds. I used to be a gamer extraordinaire where there was never a game I couldn’t eventually beat, usually in two days of trying.
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